Local Church Conference Forms

1. Local Church Conference Report

NOTE: Please email a copy of your LCC minutes to belinda@tsdwc.org.

Please complete the LCC Report. 

This form has four sections: 

1. LCC Roll Call

2. Elected/Appointed Officers 

3. Lay Delegates for District Conference

4. Church Staff

You have three choices of forms: 

Due by June 25, 2024.

2. Pastor Compensation Package--Please fill out this form

Due by June 25, 2024.

3. Annual Church Budget

Please email a copy of your approved Annual Church Budget to the district office: tsdoffice@tsdwc.org

Due by June 25, 2024.

4. Local Church Statistical Report (LCSR)

Complete the Local Church Statistical Report [LCSR] through the TWC Hub 

This report will be available on the TWC Hub on May 31, 2024 and is due by June 14, 2024.

Each local church is to complete their LCSR utilizing the TWCHub portal. Below is a worksheet and instructions to help you gather the needed information prior to inputting the data into the TWCHub. The LCSR will be available in the TWC Hub beginning on May 31, 2024, and needs to be completed by June 14, 2024.

To help navigate the TWCHub portal, please know that there is a complete set of printable step-by-step instructions and detailed video guides available for you at www.wesleyan.org/twchub-help. In addition, if you run into questions along the way, you are welcome to contact Belinda at the District office: (918) 333-3404 or tsdoffice@tsdwc.org

Instructions for 2023-24 LCSR

LCSR Worksheet

Instrucciones para la LCSR 2023-24

Hoja de trabajo LCSR (enlace próximamente)